Best known in her homeland of Jamaica, Gospel artist Carolyn Bryan loves the sweet sound of music notes blending together around her very own lyrics of praise and worship and has been writing and producing her own songs since 1994.


She shares, however, that she had always admired other artists such as Gospel artist Babbie Mason, Cece and Bebe Winans, and Geneve Hibbert of “Robert and Geneve, to name a few.

Having taken quite some time from the stage of production and performances,  she reignited her music ministry in 2016 as she wrote new lyrics and started recording them. Her upcoming EP is set to be released  soon at 78 Records Music.


Watch for more updates leading up to its arrival.

78 Records Music is Proud to Present International Inspirational Artist: 

Carolyn Bryan

Carolyn recorded two gospel albums with her sister Bebe Bryan and went on to producing more singles thereafter. Artfully she used her vocal and writing skills to make colorful music. Her repertoire consists of more than one genre of music where by She introduces to her fans songs that expresses her heartfelt care and concerns for hurting folks in our world, as well as songs reminding them to adjust their focus on their families which she says is unbeatably the most important asset of anyone's life.