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"Know your roll in this world; who you are, where you should be, and what you should be doing with your life. If you are not in the space that you were created to be in, you won't be fulfilled, nor will you be able to help those that you should be helping. Ultimately you will fail because you are not where you should be, and you won't be able to function to your fullest" 

Chuck B

Chuck B has influences from a wide range of musical genres. You are sure to hear a wild  &  wide range of styles in Chuck B's recordings.


"My dad used to wear out the Sam Cooke greatest hits double  8 track set. I think it was even the one you order from T.V." says Chuck.  "


"He also drove me up the wall with Marty Robbins Country Collection. Little did I know I would learn to like and appreciate it. It's still on my playlist today.  Gotta Love " El Paso," and "Devil Woman."  "My dad was going through stuff that I would later experience and understand why he was playing these songs."

Here is the shortlist of Chuck B Influences in no particular order:

  • Jimi Hendrix 

  • Little Richard

  • Sam Cooke

  • Marty Robbins

  • The Temptations

  • Johnny Cash

  • David Bowie

  • The Beatles

  • Pink Floyd

  • Larry Graham- Graham Central Station

  • Bootsy Collins

  • George Duke

  • Stanley Clarke

  • Brothers Johnson

  • Yes

  • Genesis ( Yeah even the Phil Collins Solo Stuff & all the Peter Gabriel stuff.)

  • The Isley Brothers

  • The Average White Band

  • Sly and the Family Stone

  • The O' Jays ( Have Ya'll heard "Buddy's Business" from the movie Brawl in Cell Block 99?) The O' Jays went way back and captured the essence of the funky horn filled action genre) Too Funky Man!  Vince Vaughn is good in this too.

  • James Brown

  • The Beatles

  • Johnny Cash

  • Chaka Khan ( You don't remember me Chaka, you were kind enough to talk to me while taking a stroll on Santa Monica Beach around 1988)

  • Def Leppard " We use to ride around in my Pinto listening to Def Leppard, Folk in the hood thought we were crazy. I guess we were." 

  • Prince and the whole Minneapolis Gang

  1. The Time​

  2. Jessie Johnson

  3. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

  4. Soul Asylum

  5. Alexander O'Neal

  6. Monte Moir

  7. The Revolution 

  8. Ant

  9. Matt Fink

  10. NPG

  11. Bobby Z

  12. Jelly Bean

  13. Dez Dickerson

  14. Brown Mark

  15. Andre Cymone

  16. Isaac Hayes

  17. Maynard Ferguson

  18. Grover Washington Jr.

  19. Miles Davis

  20. Maxwell

  21. Hall & Oates

  22. Van Hunt

  23. Curtis Mayfeild

  24. Lee Oscar

  25. Stevie Ray Vaughan

  26. Stevie Wonder

Chuck's biggest influence comes from The Funk Band Cameo. According to Chuck, its not the "Word Up' more Popular Cameo. Its all the older stuff from:

  • Cardiac Arrest (1977)

  • We All Know Who We Are (1977)

  • Ugly ego (1978)

  • We All Know Who We Are (1978)

  • Secret Omen (1979)

  • Cameosis (1980)

  • Feel Me (1980)

  • Knights of The Sound Table (1981)

" I do like" I've Got Your Image" from Single Life (1985) says Chuck. Also " Love You Anyway "from Shes's Strange."  "Slyde" and songs from " In The Face of Funk"  are Funky.  (1994)

"I like everything that they have done," says Chuck. " The older stuff  to me just has that driving bass,  funky horns, and the whole wild and sexy character that makes it , well CAMEO.

" I could not mention here on this page all the things I like and appreciate about Cameo, but I'll give a few."

  • Larry Blackmon- Come on man, it's Larry Blackmon, Producer, Drummer, Lead Singer, Songwriter, Hype Man, Front Man Musician

  • ( multiple instruments)

  • Tomi Jenkins- Smooth Vocals from the beginning

  • Anthony Lockett- Incredible voice, I was so glad to see him come back. Awesome

  • Aaron Mills- The King of Bass Funk! The whole Album Cameosis to me was all Aaron.

  • Charlie Singleton- Multi talented singer, songwriter, musician

  • Nathan Leftenant- Wild & Funky

  • Arnett Leftenant- The Funky Horns

  • Jeryl Bright- Come Back Jeryl with that voice and trombone. I'm good with you Aaron & TC... MCB

  • Gregory Johnson- The Formaldehyde Funkman

" I would like to see everyone from " Knights of The Sound Table" back, says Chuck

We must mention all past Cameo members  & associates here:

  • Robert Branch

  • Michael Burnett

  • Thomas  Campbell

  • Wayne Cooper

  • Merve de Peyer

  • Gary Dow

  • Eric Durham

  • Kurt Jeter

  • John Kellogg

  • Kevin Kendrick

  • Damon Mendes

  • Stephen Moore

  • William Morris

  • Eric Nelson

  • William Revis

  • Charles Sampson

  • Robert L. Smith

  • Melvin Wells

  • Paul Andrews

  • Azza Meah

  • Pat Buchanan 

Chuck B completed High School at Jack Yates Sr. High Houston Texas.  As a teen he would perform in the "Garage Band" Known as Nu-Wave. Also playing multiple brass instruments in J.Y. Marching Motion Band, including trumpet, french horn, baritone, sousaphone, and tuba in concert band. After high school the decision was made to depart, leave town, and join the military. 

In the 1990's an album showed up out of nowhere at Chuck's Tennessee home with two familiar skinny boys on the cover in ripped jeans, and cowboy hats. This was De Holley & Jimmy Tyler ( J & D)


"De Holley always kept up with mom and knew where I was in the world. I traveled extensively in the military, all over the world. I learned the world was big and it is great to take the time to see it.  At this time,   I wasn't sure  that I wanted to be found."

The urge to get back to music, which is what Chuck loves, struck him a bit after hearing about J & D.


By 2004, and with strong encouragement from De Holley... it was time to get back into the game.

Chuck found himself on stage with childhood friend De Holley performing De Holley's Emotionally Unavailable Album Songs, as well as many other songs, mostly coming from some of the Artist in the list above. 

Being married at the time, being Christian, and being actively involved in ministry caused a severe struggle for Chuck at the time in life.  " I owned a successful business , and was constantly busy, until burning the candle at every end caught up."


Through prayer and coming to know himself, and his place in life, this transitional step  gave Chuck peace with himself and God to pursue the space that God has put there for him to occupy in music. 

After recently receiving a level of peace and confirmation with being creative, the struggle has ended. "Yeah I  may still be a little wild, but I'm at peace with it. The Spirit within gives me limitations, which I am thankful." says Chuck.

Chuck B emerges, as Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, Business Owner, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, and one who wants to help others through the struggles; musically, creatively, and otherwise. 

Chuck is currently in the studio working on material to be released this year, in addition to the track

" Remember A Time"  So now here we are...

"Let's Finish The Game."